Frequently Asked Questions

Resident FAQ (scroll down for Property Owner/Investor FAQ)


Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Generally yes, though it depends on the property.


Q: Do you have a pet deposit / pet fee?

A: There is no pet deposit, but we do charge pet rent. $50 per pet. There is also a one-time $100 pet acceptance fee.


Q: How much is the security deposit?

A: An amount equal to one or two month's rent, depending on credit.


Q: Do you accept section 8 (AKA housing assistance, AKA vouchers)

A: Yes, at select properties. 


Q: How much do I need to move in?

A: Security deposit, plus first full month's rent & prorated, plus lease-signing administrative fee equal to 10% of the rent.


Q: Can I drive by and take a look?

A: Yes, we encourage this before scheduling a showing.


Q: Is rent pro-rated if I move in mid-month?

A: Yes.


Q: What utilities do I have to pay?

A: The resident is responsible for all utilities (electric, water and gas) unless otherwise specified.


Q: What's the application fee?

A: $40.00 per person. All adults 18+ must apply.


Q: Can I apply online?

A: Yes, you can apply on our website.


Q: Can I pay rent online?

A: Yes, you can pay rent online for free.



Owner FAQ

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes. RL Property Management Group, Inc is a licensed real estate brokerage in the State of Ohio (file number REC.2015003677) as required by Ohio law.


Q: Can I view my financial statements online?

A: Yes.  We set up a custom account for each owner. You can log in to your property owner portal anytime 24/7 and see real-time information about your property including rent coming in, expenses going out, many different financial statements, as well as scanned copies (PDFs) of all bills and invoices.


Q: Will you provide a rent estimate?

A: Yes.  Please inquire and we can work up an estimate.


Q: Do you manage Associations? ie, HOA's and COA's?

A: No. We are completely focused on residential property management.


Q: What services do you provide as part of your Property Management Agreement?

A: We are a full-service property management company.  All items involved in managing property are handled by us, including leasing, maintenance and rent collection. This provides a "hands off" experience for the owner, and can turn investment property into truly passive income.

Q: How do you screen potential residents and what is your application procedure?

A: We use a time-tested custom rental application and TransUnion background check services. As part of this screening, we evaluate an applicant's credit score, criminal history, residential history, job history and income, as well as other proprietary factors.


Q: How long does it take to rent out my property?

A: Average time from listing to signed lease is about 3 weeks.  It may take longer or shorter than this depending on the asking rent and market conditions. Leasing is seasonal; spring and summer is the best time.


Q: Do you charge a leasing fee?

A: No, we do not charge any leasing fees. We believe that it's important to align our incentives with those of the property owner - which means taking our time to find the best tenant, not just filling the unit with the first person who has a security deposit and collecting a big fee (only to do the same thing in 6 months when that tenant doesn't work out). Our incentive is to find great tenants and keep them in the property for as long as possible, since the cost to re-lease the unit is paid for entirely by our company.


Q: What are typical costs for maintenance and repair work?

A: General maintenance and repairs are completed at an hourly rate by one of our internal maintenance team members, with materials charged at cost. Specialized repairs are completed at competitive industry rates plus a 10% project management fee.


Q: How do you handle evictions?

A: We use professional local attorneys to complete the court eviction process. We will attend all necessary court appearances on your behalf and attend to the process from start to finish.


Q: Do you provide a standard lease?

A: Yes, RLPMG uses a custom lease prepared by us and reviewed by our legal counsel. It includes many special clauses and details to ensure the property owner is protected.


I’ve been so over the top happy with all your work! I was just sharing with my partner today what a wonderful contrast it’s been working with you.
— Katy
We would like to thank you for being excellent landlords, and would be happy to extend our residency another year.
— Julia
You’ve done such a great job and have been so professional in getting this thing off the ground — I’m happy.
— Katy
We’ve had a great year living here, and couldn’t be happier with this house. We really appreciate having such great landlords.
— Amy