There are several benefits to completing property inspections regularly, namely:

Changing the furnace filter. Most units use 1″ thick furnace filters which can range in life-span from 1-3 months. An excessively dirty filter could cause the following issues:

  • Reduced life of furnace heat exchanger due to higher temps, blower motor due to higher load, and other components due to higher cycling.  Essentially, shorter furnace life-span.
  • Tripping the high limit switches inside the furnace causing a maintenance or emergency maintenance call. Essentially, wasted money.

— Checking that detectors are installed to our standard. This helps with the safety of the resident and the huge owners liability of CO and smoke/fire incidents.

— Checking that all detector batteries work and that the detectors are functioning and not beyond their 10 year life-span.

— Identifying trash issues on the exterior of units.

— Determining if smoking is taking place inside units (Smoking is not permitted inside any RL managed unit).  RL addresses any issues found.

— Noting the pets spotted inside the unit.  We then compare this with what pets are approved and take actions as needed.

— Finding maintenance issues that are not bothering the residents but that are damaging or harming the property (leaks under sinks, etc.).

— Getting an opportunity for the resident to tell us about any issues (many tenants simply don’t report major issues for whatever reason).  This allows us to head off anything that may be damaging the property.

— Noting any obvious or major issues on the property exterior.  This allows us to head off anything that may be damaging the property or could result in huge costs down the line (wildlife intrusion, etc.).

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