As a category, real estate is still a predominantly male-driven area; however, there is data to suggest a growing presence of women as real estate investors. Continued efforts to provide equal opportunities, education and support for women investors can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive real estate investment landscape.

Here’s a look at some of the data surrounding women’s involvement in real estate investing and insight into the Ohio real estate market more broadly.

This increased presence of women in the industry is a good thing, yet there are still pitfalls often related to gender bias. A recent paper from the Yale School of Management found that single women see much lower returns from buying and selling real estate than do single men. The data below highlight just a few areas of difference.

  • Single men earn 1.5 percentage points higher unlevered returns per year on housing relative to single women.
  • After accounting for mortgage borrowing, men earn 7.9 percentage points higher levered returns per year relative to women.
  • Moreover, data on repeat sales reveal that, on average, women buy the same property for approximately 2% more and sell for 2% less than their male counterparts.

In terms of opportunities for women investors to thrive, Ohio continues to trend positively.

  • Per the most recent U.S. Census Data, the population in the state continues to grow. Ohio experienced a 2.3% growth change in population between 2010-2020, and Franklin County had a percent change of 13.8%.
  • The number of housing units available in Ohio has also experienced a growth percent change of 2.2%, and the housing unit vacancy rate is at 8.3%.

Regardless of gender, investors in Ohio should feel confident about the state of the market in Franklin County as they continue to grow their portfolios. To best understand the local market conditions here in the greater Columbus area, come talk to us at RL Property Management.