Every day your rental unit sits empty is another day you aren’t generating revenue from it. To reduce this amount of time, you want to be turning over your rental units as quickly and seamlessly as possible between tenants.

Create your Turnover Checklist

Unit turnover is part art, part science (although we’d say mostly science). Developing a repeatable workflow for handling tenant turnover is one of the best ways to speed up this process. You do so by creating a checklist that you can use on any of your rental units. Then, adapt if needed (that’s where some of the art comes in).

On your checklist, you should include things like:

  • Conduct a move-out inspection – Before you let a new tenant move in, you need to make sure the previous tenant left the unit in good shape. Our team takes detailed photos of the property inside and out for the purpose of assessing the security deposit as well as documenting what needs to be done to get the property ready to re-rent.
  • Clean and repair – Next, it’s time to thoroughly deep clean the unit. For tenants who have lived in the unit for several years, there is likely some wear and tear that will need to be addressed, including painting, replacing the carpet, making any maintenance repairs, etc.

We find that our team at RL Property Management can complete these first two steps within an average of two weeks, assuming no major damage or upgrades, and that’s consistent with what we see in central Ohio.

In terms of overall averages, our leasing time is a little bit under three weeks, but this is dependent on the type of property you own and where it is located.

To keep this number to a minimum, come talk to us at RL Property Management for assistance with your rental units in Columbus.