In the video below, Peter with RL Property Management covers step 1 of 5 steps you can take to select a property manager for your property.

There is a serious need for more information on how property management companies work and what you should be looking for and asking about when interviewing them. We outline 5 steps we recommend in this video and go into depth on Step #1:

Step 1: Determine your needs. (Video #1)

Step 2: Evaluate the marketplace. (Video #2)

Step 3: Research the top 10 and narrow down. (Video #3)

Step 4: Call 5 companies. (Video #4)

Step 5: Meet with 1 or 2. (Future Video)

Stay tuned for future videos covering steps 2 through 5!

For more help on choosing a property manager, see our previous blog post on “What to ask a Prospective Property Management Company”.

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