Turning over rental units is a big part of owning and managing investment properties. The more rental units you own, the more frequently you’ll be doing this, so it pays to create an effective workflow that can easily be replicated time and again by you or your staff.

Below are a few tips for streamlining your turnover process. The better you can find ways to be most efficient with your workflow, the more time and money you will save. It will also reduce potential confusion and eliminate having to reinvent the wheel each time a tenant moves out.

How to Prepare Your Multifamily Units for New Tenants

  • Create a move-out checklist – Before you officially hand over the previous tenant’s security deposit and prepare to turn over the unit, you need to make sure it’s been left in good shape. Within a day or two of move-out, evaluate the property inside and out and take detailed photos. This is useful for both assessing damage left by the tenant as well as identifying which repairs will be needed before relisting the unit for rent.
  • Create a go-to vendor phone list – Many property management companies will have in-house maintenance staff to handle the majority of turnover repairs and upgrades, but for investors who self-manage their units or for specialty repairs, it’s helpful to have a network of vendors to call upon. Take the time to vet quality vendors in the Columbus area, get to know their pricing structure and availability. Then, when it’s time to turn over a unit, you won’t have to waste time calling up several vendors only to discover they’re not available or are cost prohibitive.
  • Create a turnover checklist – Most units will need a similar set of upgrades to get ready for a new tenant. This might include new carpet, fresh paint, and appliance or system upgrades. A thorough, deep clean should also be on the list. Referring to a turnover checklist will also help ensure you don’t miss anything.

Turning over rental units will become a routine process for you. You can become most efficient by creating a workflow you can follow time and again. As you consider your property management needs in Franklin County, know that you can also turn to us at RL Property Management with any questions, concerns or to ask for help.