Episode 3 of the Owner Occupied podcast with Peter Lohmann and Russell Lowery.

Show Notes:

00:00 Welcome & intro
00:52 History of zillow & rental listings
03:46 Zillow’s rental manager platform
05:50 Is Zillow competing with property managers?
07:20 How airbnb could enter the rental market
13:01 3 revenue streams for property managers
16:05 How PM companies can defend
20:11 How landlords can defend against airbnb & zillow
22:29 Zillow’s rent zestimate

Russell Lowery is a political puzzle solver. He runs a California-based public affairs company.
Peter Lohmann is the founder of RL Property Management, a company based in Columbus, Ohio.

Connect with Russell:
Russell’s website: https://highviewstrat.com/

Connect with Peter:
Follow Peter on Twitter: twitter.com/pslohmann

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