Episode 4 of the Owner Occupied podcast with Peter Lohmann and Russell Lowery.

In this episode we discuss Peter’s top 5 early mistakes when starting and growing the property management company in the early days:

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

02:03 Mistake 1: Not Systematizing Sales

06:00 The value of documenting the sale process

09:55 Mistake 2: Only Looking Out For Myself

11:58 The optimal mode of thinking for results

13:28 The balance of adding value & not giving it away

18:40 Mistake 3: Not Focused On High-Leverage Items

22:51 Scheduling everything does not work for me

24:12 How to recognize the value of your time

25:19 Mistake 4: Not leveraging trade groups

27:00 Mistake 5: Not identifying ideal customer

28:34 We used to take anyone for property management

Russell Lowery is a political puzzle solver. He runs a California-based public affairs company.
Peter Lohmann is the founder of RL Property Management, a company based in Columbus, Ohio.

Connect with Russell:
Russell’s website: https://highviewstrat.com/

Connect with Peter:
Follow Peter on Twitter: twitter.com/pslohmann

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