One of the most important things property managers do for their clients is get a unit ready to rent after a previous tenant moves out. We call this a “turn” or “turnover” in the industry, and there are a lot of things that happen during this process.

Let’s walk through what happens during a typical turn in order to get the unit fully ready to rent again. At RL Property Management, here’s how we handle turnover between tenants for the properties we manage in Central Ohio:

  1. Tenant Provides Notice of Move-out – This is the first step in preparing for a unit turnover, and it generally happens as the lease comes up for renewal. At this time, the tenant either responds to us contacting them about the renewal, or they sometimes proactively reach out to us to let us know they will not be renewing their lease when the time comes.

This notification sets off a checklist for our management team, which contains things like documenting the tenant’s notice and informing the owner of an upcoming vacancy.

  1. Our Team Conducts a Move-out Inspection – After the tenant moves out and delivers possession of the unit back to us, we go to the property and perform a move-out inspection. We do this within 1-2 business days after the tenant vacates.

During this process, we take up to 100 pictures of the property and evaluate the general state of the unit. The pictures allow us to document any security deposit deductions that may need to happen if, for example, there is damage to the unit or if the resident didn’t clean it properly. With photos we have evidence to back up any deductions we may have to make.

The move-out inspection is also when we begin planning what needs to happen to get the unit ready to rent again. After the inspection, we prepare a scope and estimate for the property owner that details a list of items we think needs to be done to get it ready to lease. We advise them on how much we think it will cost to make the repairs and updates and ask for their approval to move forward.

  1. We Begin Updating and Repairing the Unit – After approval from the owner on the punch list of items we need to fix, we get to work. This includes a re-key of the lock, cleaning, painting, updating flooring, and whatever else we think needs to be economically completed to maximize the rent for the owner without over-improving or over-spending on the turnover.
  2. The Unit is Ready to Lease – The next step is to get the unit leased. Our leasing department engages a photographer to take new photos of the unit and then lists the unit for rent. During this phase the team schedules showings with residents, leads tours of the unit, and manages the tenant screening and application process.

At RL Property Management, our team manages around 600 units, so we’re dealing with up to 30-unit turnovers at a time. To successfully manage properties at scale without compromising on service to our clients, we lean heavily on our checklists and processes to ensure that we can deliver a high-quality living experience for the resident and a high-quality return on investment for the property owner.

If you have questions about property management here in Franklin County, Ohio or what we can do for you, get in touch with our team today.