As a property owner or a landlord in Columbus, you sometimes encounter a prospective resident who is chomping at the bit and ready to move in right away. They may already be expressing enthusiasm before you even start showing the unit and even say things like they have the security deposit and are ready to sign the lease.

In moments like this, what should you do?

Time to Put on the Brakes

First things first, while it can be tempting to fill your units right away, step one as a property owner or landlord is to pause and slow down.

Over the years managing hundreds of units and countless vacant units, we’ve found that residents who are rushing you and pushing you to speed along the process may be a red flag.

If you notice that an applicant is waiting until the last minute to move in to a new property or is suddenly in a rush, it may make you wonder if they are being evicted or if there is something else amiss with the situation.

Follow Your Checklist (& Trust Your Gut)

When you have an eager tenant, it’s important that you follow all of your normal processes and procedures. Just because they are ready to go does not mean you should make exceptions to your tenant screening and application processes. After all, securing the best tenants for your rental property is essential to your success as a property owner and does more to boost your property’s value than rushing into a bad situation.

Set Clear Expectations With Prospective Tenants

As your prospective tenant begins the application process, be sure to explain your standard procedures to them and set up-front expectations about timelines and requirements.

It’s important to go through your entire checklist to ensure that they submit the full application, proof of income, and supply good references, among other important details included on your application checklist.

Generally it takes just a few business days to process the application, but at RL Property Management, we require that a tenant moves in no more than 30 days from the approval date.

While it can be frustrating to see a unit empty when someone is ready to move in right away, don’t be swayed by a persuasive tenant. Go through your steps and procedures to maximize your chances of getting an excellent tenant in your rental property.

For help managing your rental property or advice on securing the best tenants, contact us at RL Property Management Group.