The owner/tenant relationship is a business relationship by nature, and both parties stand to benefit when the relationship is positive.

Tenants who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to take good care of the rental unit. They may also be more likely to extend their lease year after year, which reduces turnover (and expenses) on your end. Below we’ll offer some tips for keeping your tenants and bottom line happy.

Tips for Maintaining Positive Tenant Relationships

The challenge for property owners is that their tenants don’t always come to them until there is a problem. And once there is a problem, they want it resolved quickly.

In many ways, they are the “customer” and expect a certain level of service. You can make nearly all these encounters less stressful, ambiguous, and potentially contentious by being up front and clear in your lease agreement about rules, responsibilities, and requirements. It’s always easier to point to something signed and dated than it is trying to convince someone of something without valid proof. Here are some other things to keep in mind.

  • Your Lease Knows All – To make it easier to dissect who provides what services and when, put everything in writing in your lease agreement.
  • Be Professional and Timely – If your tenant comes to you with a request, respond promptly and courteously. When you can’t make the repair as quickly as you’d like, keep them informed of the timeline so they are not left guessing as to when a maintenance person may be entering their unit.
  • Be friendly and Responsive – Friendliness, goodwill and good communication go a long way toward instilling trust in your tenants. Be transparent about your processes, rules and any fees you may apply, and communicate openly with them about any questions or concerns they have. Their feedback can be very helpful in ensuring you continue to provide a high level of service to all your tenants and that your rental units continue to resonate with other renters in the market.

Developing positive relationships with your tenants is an important part of owning or managing rental property. Common sense and good business sense should get you most of the way there. Your individual style and personality can take you the rest of the way.

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