We help real estate investors unlock free time and peace of mind by correctly managing their property, transforming their investment into true passive income.

What this means in practice:

  • We manage properties for the long term. Our decisions are made assuming the current owner will be holding onto the property for 10 years or longer.
  • We believe in using high-quality materials at every opportunity.
  • We believe in fixing it correctly the first time, regardless of the cost.
  • We believe in paying contractors and vendors fair market prices and not wasting their time with competitive bids or multiple quotes (unless appropriate).
  • We empower our employees to make decisions, and trust them implicitly.
  • We believe incentives are powerful. We are careful about what we incentivize and have structured our business to align our incentives with the best interest of the property owner.
  • Tenant turnover (turns) are expensive and destructive, and should be avoided as much as possible. The goal is LOW tenant turnover; under 30% annually.
  • The market (and no one else) determines the rent amount that a property will lease for.
  • Setting rents at market or slightly below will attract high-quality tenants who are well qualified.
  • Strict and fair tenant screening is integral to keeping turnover rates low.
  • It is better to let a property sit vacant than to lease it to bad tenant.
  • It is better to lower the asking rent than to let a property sit vacant for an extended period of time.
  • Even the best tenant screening is not perfect; bad tenants are an inherent risk of owning rental property.
  • Capital expenses are a normal and expected part of owning rental property. Property owners should be well-capitalized and mentally and financially ready to spend large amounts of money to keep their property in excellent condition.
  • We do not manage vacant units unless they are actively being turned over and made ready to rent.
  • Tenants should be held financially accountable for issues at the property, which are their responsibility per the lease.
  • Strict enforcement of lease terms and company policy, with no exceptions or negotiation, sets the correct tone for a successful tenant relationship.
  • We believe correcting all functional items at a rental property before advertising it for rent is the best way to control long-term costs.
  • We believe attractive and up-to-date finishes are important to today’s renter and necessary to secure high quality tenants.
  • Prevention is cheaper than the cure. Proactive property maintenance is a must.
  • We do not provide play-by-play status updates to property owners; instead we outline our approach and let the system work.
  • Property becomes an “Asset” when leased; emotional attachment and high expectations should be removed from the situation.

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