A common struggle for real estate investors is overestimating what they can accomplish in one year and underestimating what they can do in five.

The math is simple – say you purchase a 10 unit multifamily property for $2,000,000 and had a down payment of $400,000. With an interest rate of 5.055% and a 30 year term, you’d be paying $103,716.12 in principle and interest per year – with $23,372.71 going towards paying down the principal in year 1.

That doesn’t seem like much. But over the first 5 years of the loan, you will be paying down $129,598.04 of the loan amount – meaning your equity in the property increases by that much.

Even if the property value stays the same, your equity grows from $400,0000 to $529,598.04 – 32% growth overall. On top of that, if the property is a 6 cap, it’s earning $120,000 a year in income so $16,284 more per year than the loan payment. On its own, that doesn’t feel like much.

Cash Out Refinances and Buying More Properties

If you hired a good property management company to take care of the building,  they should be able to increase the rents and decrease your expenses over that time period – say they can combine the two to increase your net operating income by $20,000 per year so your property is earning $140,000 a year instead of just $120,000. At that same 6 cap, the property is now worth $2,400,000.

Combined with the paying down of principal, you would have a good return on your initial investment. Now, with that much equity in the property, you could go back to the bank and get a cash-out refinance.

Depending on their terms, you can get a certain amount of capital out based on the appraised value of $2,400,000. For the sake of discussion, let’s say you can get 80% out and leave 20% in equity. After paying off the old loan, that would mean you would be getting $449,598.04 in tax-free cash from the new loan.

So you go buy another 10 unit, $2,000,000 property nearby and do the same thing again.

Then, 10 years in, you would have $635,528.47 in equity in the first building and $929,598.04 in the second property – meaning your initial $400,000 turned into $1,565,126.51 in 10 years – a 290% return on your initial investment in a decade.

Creating Options For Your Portfolio

The reality is real estate investing isn’t passive if you don’t hire a property management company, but it is a lot more so if you do hire one to handle the emergency maintenance calls, finding tenants, et cetera.

On top of that, a good property management company is able to increase the value of your property, so you can focus on growing your portfolio rather than managing the day-to-day problems real estate investors are required to handle.

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