This post will review estimating the income and expenses of your rental property to determine your anticipated cash flow.  You can download a helpful template to summarize your numbers at the following link: Property Proforma Template

Below is an outline of the figures you will be pulling together on the template.  We’ve provided guidance on each line item.

  1. Income
    • Income could include Rent, Utilities, Repairs, Parking, Laundry, Water/Sewer, Utility, etc.
    • Deduct anticipated vacancy loss, typically 4-8%.
  2. Expenses Incurred Before Monthly Property Manager Disbursement
    • Capital Spending – Appliances, Furnaces, Air Conditioners when the need replaced
    • Repairs Ongoing – Maintenance requests from tenants
    • Turns – This includes all the expenses incurred while “turning over” the unit between tenants and will include costs due to needed repairs, tenant damages and tenant wear and tear
    • Maintenance Recurring – This is the cost of gutter cleaning, mowing
    • Utilities – If you incur regular utilities costs
    • Property Management Fees – The total cost of all fees charged by your property manager
    • Legal – An estimate of anticipated legal fees, evictions, tenant disputes.
  3. Expenses Incurred After Monthly Disbursement (To arrive at your Net Operating Income, NOI)
    • Association dues
    • Travel costs related to the property
    • Property Taxes (Be sure to estimate the property taxes based on the current market value of the property)
    • Capital Reserves (Money set aside for future large capital needs such as roofs, windows, siding, driveways, etc.)
    • Accounting costs related to the property (This could include tax prep, but also could include any other professional services obtained to help operate the property investment.)
    • Insurance (Property insurance, commonly known as a rental dwelling policy, RDP)
  4. Calculating Cash Flow
    • After calculating your net operating income (NOI) above, you will now deduct any Principal and Interest payments you have on the property.
    • This will determine your anticipated cash flow.

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